Letters to the Editor

Transgender access has an interesting twist

The issue of transgender access to public bathrooms presents an interesting twist.

Transgenders are men who believe themselves to be women, or women who believe themselves to be men. The latest uproar has arisen because these individuals wish to be able to use bathroom facilities which do not match their true sexual identity.

Our current public bathroom policies exist because society distinguishes between individuals based upon their differing anatomical structures. The twist is as follows: transgenders acknowledge and accept the validity of the social practice of limiting access to public bathrooms to same-sex members, but nevertheless want to be able to utilize facilities which are inconsistent with their existing, pre-surgical biological makeup. If their concerns were truly genuine, they would actually push for converting all bathrooms to unisex facilities.

Transgenders who have not undergone gender reassignment surgery really just want to be able to have their cake and eat it, too. They want to enjoy an established social policy which exists to distinguish between the sexes, while at the same time they do not possess the characteristics which would naturally grant them access to the bathroom facility they wish to use.

There is a simple solution. Since transgenders do wish to take advantage of an existing social policy which defines appropriate bathroom usage based upon an individual’s true sexual identity, then a transgender person can use the facility he or she identifies with after, but only after, they have actually changed their anatomical status by submitting to gender reassignment surgery.

Chris Tabing, Coulterville