Letters to the Editor

Ward 2 needs alderman who really represents it

I’m a resident of Ward 2 and to say I’ve been happy with Lindenwood University-Belleville would be an understatement. The student housing on West A Street has brought a special energy to the neighborhood. Instead of fighting this, it should be embraced.

Unfortunately, Alderman Buettner and his girlfriend Dianne Rogge would rather continue their personal vendetta than to represent his constituency. How much money, time and city resources have been wasted on this ongoing feud?

Since Buettner has been sworn in as alderman, he hasn’t represented us in Ward 2. He has used his position of elected office as a tool to expand an anti-Lindenwood platform. This type of bias is unacceptable.

It’s disappointing to know that there are people that are practically reporting ordinance violations before they even happen. It wasn’t long ago when his girlfriend, Ms. Rogge was fighting the city with her famous “No TIF For Us” sign. It was free speech for her, but when a few Lindenwood students make a sign with a smiley face, it’s no longer free speech, it’s a “threat.”

This type of behavior isn’t acceptable for an alderman in Belleville. It certainly isn’t acceptable for an alderman representing Ward 2, which has benefited greatly from Lindenwood. In December of 2014, Michael Buettner said on his Facebook page, “Belleville deserves elected officials who desire to serve the people not themselves.” It’s time he follows through with that campaign promise.

Nathan Chaney, Belleville