Letters to the Editor

We still don’t get it

We Americans seem to be constantly caught off guard by world events. Our coal miners and the companies are the latest victims. Did they think that the entire world was kidding about global warming as a result of pollution? Really? My family was put out of business because my grandfather could never conceive of “box cakes” and “sliced bread,” but it happened anyway.

We have been warned since the ’70s when Alvin Toffler wrote, “Future Shock” that our jobs would be taken away by increased technology. And that was before the PC about 20 years later which made the effect much worse and the impact more sudden. Belleville once had more than one large brewery. We didn’t get it. Now Anheuser-Busch is owned by Belgians. Ralston Purina is owned by the Swiss and Chrysler is owned by the Italians. We still don’t get it.

When your children go to school now, it won’t be to learn about the jobs that are here now. We have Pakistanis for that. It will be to learn about things that are not even here yet. Like the type of animation that has replaced Disney characters.

We need to teach them not to play too much, the jobs of tomorrow are not based on who is number one. Only one who is the most creative, ingenious, and most productive is satisfying the needs of the world, not just the USA. You will need to remind them more often, because the predictable outcome if we don’t is very scary.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville