Letters to the Editor

Personal whim

Transgenders who haven’t undergone gender reassignment surgery merely pretend to be something they are not. Barack Hussein Obama, however, has now declared pre-surgical, make believe transgenders can use school facility bathrooms and locker rooms which match their delusions.

Well, Barack, let me put it to you this way: Based upon nothing other than my personal whim, I believe I am Barack Obama. Since I believe I am Barack Obama, I should be given access to both the White House and Air Force One.

You, Barack, may say: You can’t access the White House or Air Force One because you are not who you say you are. My response: Reality doesn’t matter; as long as I say I am Barack Obama, I am Barack Obama. In light of the concessions you just granted transgenders, you must now allow me to enter the White House and, furthermore, I get to take Air Force One for a spin.

Now do you understand how absurd the pre-surgical transgender controversy really is?

Chris Tabing, Coulterville