Letters to the Editor

In big trouble

Just what is going on in the USA? How did a group of people that’s supposed to be above average in the intelligence department end up with a bunch of low class, greedy, narcissistic, idiots in federal and state government? The way they sell America short all the time, you would think they sold real estate.

The Democrats are trying with all their might to pass HR 2000. The passing of HR 2000 would give Puerto Rico statehood. That’s all we need, another group of liabilities to support and a lot of costly upgrading to rebuild a rundown country. Puerto Rico is very high with the Zika virus and about to file bankruptcy.

This bunch of idiots in Washington will do anything they can to pass everything that’s off the wall and destructive to America. We have Shillary in the wings wanting to continue Obama’s destruction.

Why is it so necessary for this bunch of idiots to worry about other countries’ economies, lives of their people such as health, hunger and kick the people here aside that have the same problems?

I guess we waste our time voting, too. It doesn’t matter who thousands or millions of people want in office, it’s who the party wants that matters. I thought the 2008 and 2012 elections turned out the way they did because the voters were traitors to America, but maybe it was the Democratic Party. Lord help us, we’re in big trouble.

Terry Hunt, Trenton