Letters to the Editor

The alternative is worse

I read Bill Malec’s recent letter attacking Hillary’s lack of qualifications to serve as president with some disbelief when I had to compare them with the alternative. Donald Trump is undoubtedly the least qualified individual to be the nominee of a major political party in the history of our country. Making money as a real estate developer is as likely to qualify you for this high office as owning a string of garbage collection companies. Being a TV personality may be attractive to some with minimum intellectual skills but it should not be qualification for the presidency. Why the great many Republicans who voted for him in the primaries did not realize this is beyond my understanding.

Malec’s scurrilous attempt to negate and minimize Hillary Clinton’s extensive and distinguished record of service to this country is to be condemned and treated as the drivel it is. Hillary’s service and accomplishments are unsurpassed by any American, man or woman, living today. She has faltered at times, but who would not under the pressures and toils of her duties and responsibilities. Malec’s supposed alternative, Trump, has recently engaged in lying by denying that it was he on a 25-year-old tape doing his own publicity, when it was him beyond a doubt. Trump is on his third marriage and he has bankrupted four companies, which resulted in losses for the creditors and employees. Malec’s final comment was to “not forget substance” as if the alternative offered “substance.”

Lee R. Pitzer, O’Fallon