Letters to the Editor

Cannot respect Obama

After the years of Obama, I still cannot respect him. I will be glad when he is gone. I do not disrespect him for his racial heritage. He just is not a real smart human being in my book.

This person never held a real job. He is ruining this country along with the establishment. Correction: He is the establishment! Now he wants maybe a million transgender people to tell the other 299 million people how and where to go to the restroom? Give me a break! I am sure these people have problems, but telling us how and where to go to the john is stupid.

Frankie, I repeat that I do not disrespect Obama for his racial heritage. Just too many other things like ISIS is junior varsity, and his first job is to protect us. Then as important, think about the children in those restrooms. Our children are in even more danger now, thanks to him. What a mess he is.

Betty Homyer, Granite City