Letters to the Editor

Restroom policy

I hope the Belleville News-Democrat readership is familiar with Target’s recent policy change on the use of its restrooms. With sensitivity toward transgender folk, a group which makes up an estimated three-tenths of a percent of the U.S. population, their CEO recently declared that employees and customers could use whichever bathroom that correlates with their gender identity.

He’s gotten considerable blowback and boycott threats since his decision.

I guess the CEO can do pretty much what he feels is right for the stores he oversees but he needs to ensure that all his customers are aware of the policy change. Not every Target patron watches the TV news or reads the paper.

During a recent visit to a local Target store I noted that the policy may have changed but the restroom signage in the entrance to the building has not. Surely the CEO wouldn’t want the first indication of this policy change to come when someone emerges from a stall in the women’s restroom only to find what appears to be a male using the sink?

“Enter at your own risk,” may be too harsh a sign to post at entrances by current PC standards, though “gender fluidity” is still a pretty abstract concept to many. “If you identify as women’s restroom” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but would work.

Target does offer a second option. They have a “unisex” restroom located elsewhere in the store. Get there early as the line may be long.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon