Letters to the Editor

They want your guns

Obama was up to his lying and deceiving propaganda again trying to drum up support like Hitler installing to take your guns away. He’s had his prostitute in the media, Katie Couric, doing gun propaganda all week on satellite. He even used the Sandyhook conspiracy. After this last big breaking of the law and getting in America’s face with this transgender thing, if you can’t see America where this guy is wanting you disarmed, you better watch some of the rise and fall of the third Reich on AHC or the American History Channel. These people have a very evil, demonic agenda and soon as they get the guns, if they can, you will see worse than what happened in Germany in World War II here in the United States. The rich white elite Democrats wanted the American Indians’ ground, so the first thing they did was disarm them, the next thing they did was put them on a reservation (Agenda 21), and then they stole their ground. Go check out Agenda 21 for yourself. These people are very evil and you bet they want the guns so bad they can’t stand it, as it’s not for your safety, but for theirs. God bless America and unite as the one world order will have Obama coming after you. Be prepared, stick together.

Steve Kassa Jr., Edwardsville