Letters to the Editor

05-23-16 Sound-Off: Where are the parents of young crime offenders?

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Where are the parents?

Where are the parents or guardians of the underage youth that are committing the crimes in West Belleville? Don’t they have responsibility for the actions of their children? If not why not?

Raising income tax

I read that a group of Illinois lawmakers is suggesting raising the income tax from 3.75 percent to 4.85 percent. Get the names of these tax and spend yo-yo’s. And when they come up for election, we vote them out!

Tired of social liberal agendas

I’m tired of these social liberal agendas out of Washington. Now about transgender students. Heaven help us if we don’t elect Trump. At least he has the guts to do something right for this country. I’m fed up with the Republicans and Democrats. It’s time to get a third party and get this country back where it belongs.

What a contrast

A recent Sunday’s paper had interesting articles. One was about the underage punks that are robbing houses during daylight hours. The other is about underage children that saved their teacher’s life. What a contrast.

Follow the money

I think the Republicans are looking in the wrong place for Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Look at the email server for the Clinton Foundation, located in the same building as her private email server. She is Secretary of state and the Clinton Foundation is getting big donations from countries that she talked to about certain things — about companies within those countries. That is where the scandal is. Follow the money.

Words of wisdom

Michael Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden has recently written a book called “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil,” as a way to honor her son who was shot and killed in Ferguson, Mo. I do hope she includes important words of wisdom for young black Americans, such as: When an officer of the law asks you to move out of the street, do it. It was a reasonable request.

No difference

Zac Costilla’s letter, “Nothing from Clayborne,” hits the nail on the head. If you want to know the difference between Sen. Clayborne Jr. and the mythical welfare queen with 10 kids, there is none. Sen. Clayborne, like Blanche DuBois lives off the “kindness of others”.

Who will pay?

I would want county taxpayers to remember that the high salaries at SIUE compares to Georgia Costello’s at SWIC, who does quite well. The explosive growth at Lindenwood could take away from her population at SWIC. If things get tight at SWIC, guess whose taxes are going up?

Obama edict

What is the next edict team Barack will put out? That we bow to his car when it comes by?

Tax bill

I am in agreement about TIF increases on my tax bill. Mine were doubled also. My son, in another TIF district, is also paying half of his taxes to a TIF district. Mr. Eckert, look at what you are siphoning off from Belleville; you are diverting the money out to your private coffers. Now give $200,000 to a business operating on North Belt West. Let the money be used for the city and school operation.


Interesting to read the article on CJ Baricevic, blaming Bost for our NGA not coming to St. Clair County. CJ, your party is in control of the state of Illinois and the state budget. Your party is the reason for the problems in the state with money. In St. Clair County, don’t blame Bost. He’s done everything he can to get this county in shape after your buddy blew it. You just think you are entitled.

Another loss

Has anyone heard that St. Louis City is entertaining thoughts about building a horse and dog race track on the grounds where the football stadium was to be built? Joining up with Lumiere Casino, operate like the ones in Indiana where the hotel and race track is joined together. Let’s see if there is any truth to the rumor. If true, we can add a horse track to our list of losses, like the NGA site.

Mine subsidence

It seems like the only way you can sell your building in Belleville is to let it get run down. 6401 West Main used to hold the most beautiful building in Belleville, the Academy of Notre Dame. I was told it has mine subsidence. What developer is going to buy that with my tax dollar, and develop it, knowing that his beautiful building was torn down because of mine subsidence?

Eckert’s trailer

Mayor Eckert’s refrigerator trailer parked on 2nd Street does not have a motorized vehicle attached to it. What happened to the law that states only motorized vehicles can park on our city streets?

Drug testing

As a Troy resident I am embarrassed to read the article about the Troy Aldermen Allen Dyer and his wife Stacy charged with felony drug charges, seriously. Does Mayor Adomite and the aldermanic council require drug testing? Time to start random testing, this is not the way I want my tax dollars spent!

Want an update

I want an update on the fishing guard up at Menard. Did he get fired? Or is he fishing this year at my expense? And what about the other sissies that can’t turn a key? They should lose their jobs also. I’m getting tired of paying for all these freeloader

Photo ID

Interesting story about the pet pantry that feeds animals. Interesting enough, the pantry requires a photo ID in order to get food for your pet. But we do not require a photo ID to vote. What is wrong with this picture?

Huge favor

In Belleville it seems it’s easier to call a property blighted than to enforce owners like the Superior Bank of Hazelwood to maintain its property. This is in reference to the Mad Pricer store at 6100 West Main. Instead of enforcing the bank to maintain its property, now a developer will swoop in for another sweet deal from the city of Belleville. If Belleville can make the landlords of the apartments accountable, business properties should be held under the same scrutiny. Belleville just did the bank a huge favor.

Take care of patrons

Not all that shopping center around the Mad Pricer is blighted. If you are going to make any changes, take care of the patrons that are still there.

King Obama

Now that his majesty King Obama has declared his order for gender friendly bathrooms. What is next? Why do we have Congress if everything is Executive Order? Our country is going down the tubes with him as president. We are worse off now than we he started. The end of his presidency can’t come soon enough for American citizens. I hate to see what he will be like when he is out of office.

Shooting victims

Reading about these shootings in the metro-east area, where victims are taken to the emergency room for treatment and then released — do they have medical insurance? Obamacare requires them to have it. What happens if they don’t have it? Just like the old days, us taxpayers still foot the bill.