Letters to the Editor

Outstanding ESL citizen

East St. Louis recently lost one of its outstanding citizens who lived in East St. Louis and gave her entire life in loving service to her community.

Ceola Davis worked tirelessly getting many good things done for her community. She helped develop the Emerson Park Neighborhood. Ceola sponsored barbecues for youth functions, took busloads of people to the MetroLink in order to get MetroLink to come to Emerson Park, and showed up at every event that helped those in need.

For over 30 years she took meals at Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas to the elderly and homeless. In winter she would give gloves and Vaseline to the homeless so when their hands cracked from the cold weather they would be comfortable. She also worked with prostitutes to make sure they had a warm place in the winter. She visited the jail, took toys and Easter baskets to the children whose parents were in jail, stayed over in cold weather to supervise the homeless at the Continuum of Life Care and when able helped out at the Help Center at Cosgrove Kitchen and the St. Vincent de Paul Mobile Kitchen.

When she was dying in the hospital and nursing home, she advocated to the governor and legislators on behalf of the budget stalemate that was affecting the poor and elderly.

Ceola Davis passed away April 11, 2016. We thank this great lady who was a true example to us all. Thank you Ceola.

Joseph Hubbard, Belleville