Letters to the Editor

Ticking clock

The clock continues to tick into the autumn of the Obama presidency. Meanwhile the Commander-in Chief is busy whittling away at his bucket list. For some that would be reserved for their retirement years.

This president is apparently wanting to get an early start while the price is right. He can travel on Air Force One and the backs of U.S. taxpayers.

An overseas trip, which will include stops in Vietnam and Japan, is next on his travel card. He’ll no doubt be accompanied by family and a large entourage fit for Pope Francis. His historic “first sitting U.S. President ...” visits will include Hiroshima, the site where U.S. aviators dropped an atomic bomb that effectively brought an end to World War II in the Pacific theater.

Though it’s been his custom, I pray he’ll not offer some form of an apology, on behalf of the American people, for what we did in those countries during past wars. That would be one heck of a way to dishonor the brave Americans that fought and died during those conflicts with the intent on keeping our country free.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon