Letters to the Editor

Obama and respect

Frankie Seaberry seems to be at it again, saying about Obama being the best, and no matter what we should respect him. I do respect the office and the White House, but Obama has done nothing that I feel he should be respected for. The person who has the office of president has to earn respect. I don’t see where he has done anything to have that respect.

Besides the Affordable Care Act, his foreign policy is not going good. Democrats want to claim about how not as many soldiers were killed during Obama’s time, like they were during Bush’s. That may be true, but what about all the civilians that have been killed? Does that not matter because they are not soldiers? With all the countries that ISIS has attacked, and all the civilians that have been killed, and ISIS is not done yet, air strikes do not affect them in other places and since they are not staying in Iran or Syria, what good do the strikes do?

As for Joseph Reichert, the problem with the businesses is the taxes. Businesses have been leaving Illinois for several years because of taxes, and gee, they can only afford so much, just like many of us can only afford so much on our property taxes. Obama and the governor are the ones that sign the budget deals, taxes, both income and property, are on the budget.

Lori Felts, Worden