Letters to the Editor

Enjoy your latest tax bill? Thank a Debtocrat

The state of Illinois is one heartbeat away from bankruptcy and the Illinois state workers’ union (AFSCME) has the audacity to demand 29 percent raises, cut in working hours, no contribution to their health care, five weeks of vacation and holidays. All these demands from state workers, who are already at the top of national state pay scales. If you can’t understand why the state is over $112 billion in debt and your property taxes are some of the highest in the nation, then you are either foolish or not very bright.

AFSCME is marching in Chicago and Springfield to let their Debtocrat politicians know if their demands aren’t met, the unions won’t bankroll their political campaigns again. Of course, these are the same Debtocrats who have sold Illinois down the bankruptcy river for the past 20 years.

Instead of demanding more money for less work, you would think some of the smarter and better union workers would be more concerned about the solvency of the state? Add value by providing ideas for improved productivity. Help the state dig out of its fiscal mess. Instead, the union just wants to add to the taxpayers’ massive state debt burden. The unions know that as long as they have Debtocrats in their pockets, the taxpayers of the state of Illinois will be paying for their gravy train existence. How did you taxpayers like your property tax bills this year?

Pete Hill, O’Fallon