Letters to the Editor

Short of money? Just do what the county does

I have completed my budget for the coming year and have figured out that I am about $700 in income short of what I want to spend so I have decided that, to compensate for that shortage, I am going to deduct that amount from my property taxes. Isn’t that how St. Clair County works things? Figure out how much you want to spend and then “appropriate/exact” that amount from the taxpayers?

When are the taxpayers of this county going to wake up and quit re-electing the same extortionists every election? Emperor Kern continues to sink money into that money pit MidAmerica Airport. The board keeps rewarding major businesses with TIFs that 13.8 percent or $44.4 million of our taxes to support even though they promise us that it won’t cost us a dime every time they propose one. Walmart and Lowe’s were given TIFs to build where they are because that area was determined to be blighted. Really? You pay one percent more in sales taxes on purchases at those locations on top of the amount you pay with your property taxes.

Charles Carter, Mascoutah