Letters to the Editor

Saving the planet

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Eden, the Edwardsville student, isn’t going to change our climate or save the planet during his lifetime or the next. Oh, he uses all the correct phrases such as, “youth have a moral authority,” “we will inherit this earth,” and of course the standard, “our voice has been unheard for too long.” Okay we know where you stand now, but the thing I found interesting about your Green LYFE Network is you want students to research elected leaders and their stand on issues. Good idea. But will you listen to those who do not support your beliefs and have logic and facts to support their views?

Eden, you will be a success in life without a doubt. Nice expensive George Washington University, surrounded by political heaven of all those congressmen. Make lots of connections to those never ending tax payed grants needed for your “rallies.”

I have two granddaughters who are nurses at SLU Hospital and at Memorial. Have a grandson with a Masters in Artificial Intelligence and a super job at a high tech company in California. I happen to think they will do more to change this world and save this planet than anything you plan to lead.

So good luck, Eden. If you need a job someday, just call me.

N. Joan Meyer, Smithton