Letters to the Editor

Hold politicians accountable

For the voters, it’s time we hold all the politicians accountable. Has anyone been shopping lately? There are no items made in the USA anymore! I was driving down Interstate 64 and out of every 10 cars on the road at least seven of 10 cars were made in Japan! We complain about not having jobs. We should insist on more Made in America products. By buying more American products and producing more American goods, we can put more Americans back to work. By buying all of this foreign merchandise we are taking away jobs from American workers.

When we buy foreign cars we eliminate machinist jobs and part makers and also eliminate assembly line workers jobs. So the next time we complain about lack of jobs, think about what we purchase. It’s time to hold all of our politicians that promise to fix things and make things better accountable. If they don’t keep their promises, then fire them after one term. This goes for the president on down to the congressmen and senators and all elected officials.

Robert Kirkland Jr., O’Fallon