Letters to the Editor

A deeper issue

Bill Malec’s letter on transgender is well stated, as far as it goes. But the problem is deeper and wider than bathrooms and locker rooms. I first saw it as the claim executive for the largest group health carrier in the area. We denied a claim from a man who desired to become a woman, since it was not an “illness or injury.” He sued, but our general counsel argued if he had the desire to become a chicken, 50,000 feather transplants would not have made him a chicken. (True story.) He sued again and we lost, but we never paid the claim.

The current transgender claims and our response is not about bathrooms. It is a further outgrowth of LGBT efforts to allow a small percent (less than 2 percent) control our country and society in defiance of natural law. Many of the prohibitions we grew up with are based on avoidance of disease or injury. This is, too. So while I may feel really sorry for those who think they were born with brains or minds that don’t match their genitalia, only ignorant and PC influenced legislators and presidents would even consider letting them affect the lives of the great majority.

Next we will be forced by a government devoid of ethical, moral and religious values to accept those who prefer to express their perversions on children and animals. They already have an organization (NAMBLA) to push for this. Make an attack on these unnatural perversions a key issue.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville