Letters to the Editor

Hurting the little guys

When these holier-than-thou celebrities boycott North Carolina and cancel scheduled appearances because they disagree with its politicians on who can use a bathroom, who do they think they hurt the most? They hurt the fans who bought tickets, the concession workers, security officers, employees of all the vendors, the hotel and restaurant employees, the transportation employees, etc. In other words, the little guy who needs that income to support themselves and their families.

Then you have that phony Leonardo Di-whatshisname taking a private jet to accept an award for his environmental work. The hypocrite added 8,000 miles to his so-called carbon footprint to feel more special, while trying to shame us peons into using less energy. His use of yachts and private jets are okay because he’s an important star. Not!

Are these prima donnas delusional enough to think boycotts can only flow in one direction? Just ask the Dixie Chicks. People need to stop buying their CDs and tickets to their movies and concerts, and anything else that puts money in their designer clothes pockets.

It appears obvious that their enlarged heads don’t comprehend that it’s the little guy who made them rich and famous. California politicians are among the worst in the country and I’d never live there, but I still go to Disneyland.

Gary Like, Highland, Utah