Letters to the Editor

Measuring success

During the Vietnam War, Gen. Westmoreland decided to use “body count” as a metric of success to show we were winning the Vietnam War. The clueless news media would read or print the North Vietnam soldier estimated body count for every major initiative to demonstrate the United States was winning the war through attrition. Unfortunately, we all know how sadly that turned out.

Now we have our supreme community organizer, Barack Hussein Obama, demanding the Pentagon provide a similar form of propaganda. Seems every time ISIS, al-Qaida, or a terrorist affiliate demonstrates, Obama hasn’t a clue what the Islamic terrorists are doing. A Pentagon or White House press release to the evening news saying, “A U.S. air attack may have killed this or that terrorist leader.” Of course the leader’s death is not 100 percent verifiable.

No doubt Ben Rhodes is feeding the unverifiable information to the same reporters he boasted were “to dumb” to know or care they were being misled about the Iran talks. Obama’s hoping the always gullible American people believe everything he tells the news media to print, and that we are winning the war against Islamic terrorism. Most of them do!

Pete Hill, O’Fallon