Letters to the Editor

Don’t blame Rauner

For those who want to blame Gov. Rauner already for things going wrong in Illinois, in the May 19 paper, there was an article about Gov. Rauner in Fairmont City talking to employees, about stuff, found out there was even a video on the meeting, which I watched. The people who met with Gov. Rauner complained about how many businesses from Illinois are moving out because of taxes.

One was a CEO of a trucking company, he mentioned that many companies are moving their businesses to Indiana, as their taxes are cheaper, and another lady who was there, I don’t remember her company, but she said the same thing. The guy mentioned that his company is close to the border of next state, and he was seriously considering moving as well because of taxes here in Illinois.

There are many businesses that have moved because of taxes. That is not something any of you can put on Bruce. It’s because the Democrats want to raise taxes, thinking that will help everything going wrong, with little cut in spending. If companies continue to move out of Illinois, that will put the burden of taxes more on the rest of us but this time the rest of us will be paying much more than most of us can afford.

Madigan still wants to do everything his way, so he will not work with anyone to get things done.

Lori Felts, Worden