Letters to the Editor

Durbin’s goal

In the May 5 edition of the Belleville News-Democrat, Sen. Durbin said, he asked his friend Obama to stay out of the decision for locating the NGA in Illinois. Later in the same story, Durbin said he did not believe Obama got personally involved, though politics may have been involved at a lower level.

A few days after the NGA location decision was announced, an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch said Missouri Congressman Lacy Clay had a meeting with Obama about the NGA, but Clay didn’t know if Obama influenced the decision. Neither Clay nor Durbin will admit that Obama influenced this decision, because Democrats rank covering for their leader and following the party line way ahead of being fair to loyal constituents.

Durbin’s goal is to impress his constituents that he has an inside track with his friend, Obama and, if the outcome goes against his constituents, convince them it was not Obama’s or Durbin’s fault.

Durbin knows how to work Obama and his Democrat constituents. However, intelligent constituents know Durbin is playing all of us. He is a slick dude — not honest, or intelligent, but slick. He supports everything Obama says regardless of what his constituents want.

Why does anyone vote for Durbin, or any other Democrat?

Joe Fairbanks, Fairview Heights