Letters to the Editor

Hope for the future

Though pop and rap are not my favorite type of entertainment, I enjoyed the Sunday TV showing of the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. What a fantastic tribute to Prince! Madonna should be congratulated for her spectacular portrayal and outstanding performance in the closing act.

I hope the TV network will rerun the show, every year, on the anniversary of Prince’s death, to honor his life-long effort to share his God-given talents with others; as he wrote endless songs and gave other entertainers a chance to be in the spotlight, also. The colorful, closing act of Purple Rain is one of the greatest TV shows I’ve seen in TV history. The thousands of people who honored Prince are proof there is hope for the future and that people can live and work together in peace and harmony, if they want to.

We need more positive, happy programs and end all the idiotic sitcoms and ridiculous ads and crime/horror shows; that promote poor choices and bad attitudes to the viewers. Our children learn from what they see and hear! We need good, responsible and positive role models and parents/teachers to raise happy, healthy minds!

Elizabeth Hettick, East Carondelet