Letters to the Editor

Clinton factoids

Good to see that Lee Pitzer is reading my letters in the Belleville News-Democrat. In his most recent letter he attempts to defend Hillary Clinton from what he said was my attack. At least he didn’t label me as “sexist.”

I was just offering some Clinton factoids. Though I never mentioned “the Donald” in my original letter Pitzer saw fit to segue into an anti-Trump tirade. Pitzer would better serve the readership had he just focused on Trump and not me. Don’t shoot the messenger.

He summed up Clinton’s presidential qualifications by saying, “Hillary’s service and accomplishments are unsurpassed by any American, man or woman, living today.” Those are pretty lofty words. I trust Pitzer intended them in the context of just this particular election and not all of American history.

Such grandiose comments show that some drink the Kool-Aid and others immerse themselves in it. Pitzer would make a great character witness at any future Clinton trial.

Let’s face it. This presidential election will be more about the lesser of two evils, as opposed to a battle of good versus evil as Pitzer implies.

It’s shaping up to be a real “nose” event; the possibility of someone winning by a nose like in horse racing and/or holding of the nose while casting your ballot. You just have to make your pick warts, blemishes, and all.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon