Letters to the Editor

Let airlines manage the TSA, solve the mess

No surprise the TSA airport line backups materialized a couple of weeks ago. The TSA miserably fails security test after security test. The TSA union solution, they need to hire 6,000 new employees and need tens of millions more in funding. Otherwise passengers will have to endure long lines until the TSA demands are met. However, passenger traffic only increased 3.2 percent in 2015, yet TSA wait times have increased 83 percent. In essence, this is nothing more than a union work slowdown to extort more money and increase the TSA union membership.

I’m a retired million miler road warrior. One problem, I noticed in my travels, were the TSA lanes closed during airport peak travel times. During non-peak times, all lanes were open with TSA workers standing around. Typical inefficient unionized government workers lacked the ability to coordinate adequate staffing levels between peak and non-peak travel times. Government bureaucrats, with nothing to lose, should not be running the TSA. Let the airlines manage the TSA. Airlines have the most to lose if someone slips through security screening. Privatize security by letting the airlines manage security screening more effectively and efficiently than the government managed TSA.

Pete Hill, O’Fallon