Letters to the Editor

Read carefully

I encourage my teenager to first read the question carefully when taking a test. Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. would benefit from that advice.

In his recent column, “No, Trump, most dangerous place in the world isn’t Ferguson” he’s not totally forthcoming on either the question or the answers.

The Donald was asked, “What’s the most dangerous place in the world you’ve been to?” as part of an almost 6,900 word expose in NY Times Magazine. This question came right after a question on whether he’d ever been to Iraq. “Never!”

Trump jokingly answered “Brooklyn” to the question before saying, “No, there are places in America that are among the most dangerous in the world. You go to places like Oakland. Or Ferguson. The crime numbers are worse. Seriously.”

Pitts took exception to Trump’s totally subjective answers. Pitts characterized Trump as “pervy, thin-skinned, loud-mouthed and volatile, a preening bully and serial liar.”

Those attributes might make Ferguson or Oakland a pretty scary place for Trump, especially if he was thrown from his limo into the street without benefit of his security entourage.

Conversely there are surely cities in the United States that Pitts wouldn’t want to be dropped off in.

The internet offered some clarity on the “most dangerous” question. Consensus favored San Pedro Sula, Honduras with the same concerns Trump voiced for his picks. Camden, NJ was listed by some as the most dangerous U.S. city.

Not sure if Trump has ever been to either but for Pitts it apparently doesn’t matter.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon