Letters to the Editor

Township meeting

Belleville News-Democrat Editorial Board: Did you read your reporters story about the St. Clair Township meeting in your May 24 edition? Please go back and read it if you hadn’t. Your editorial seems in direct contrast to what happened at the meeting, and what your reporter printed.

This meeting was not a pep rally as your editorial seems to imply. The headline on Tuesday, said “St. Clair Township residents back money for five workers.” And then the first paragraph stated: “St. Clair Township residents on Monday said that they wanted their road district to have five employees and not less.” But your editorial stated: “Residents voted that there should be adequate money for road district staffing — no specifically that there should be five workers.” And then you wrote: “Kernan should not interpret their votes as being awarded five minions.”

I was at the meeting and what happened is totally opposite of what you wrote. Contrary to your assumption in the editorial, the residents were saying they wanted an amended budget for five workers and not “what one suspects is that residents were saying they didn’t want a repeat of Kernan’s March antics, when road money ran out because he overspent his budget.” The trustees, who transfer money to cover their budget overruns many times, should be the ones to “stop power games,” as you so wrote. Trustees should represent us, not bully us. It’s our money, not the trustees’, we voted for five workers.

Jill Halupa, Belleville