Letters to the Editor

VA delays

Veterans Administration Secretary Robert McDonald equates the time veterans have to wait for VA medical services to the long lines at Disneyland, waiting to get on a ride. McDonald said, “When you go to Disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line?” Obviously, McDonald doesn’t understand veteran’s critical medical needs are more important than vacations having fun at Disneyland.

McDonald is so typical of the Obama appointees. Whether it’s the VA, TSA, IRS, DOJ, EPA, FEMA, or other federal agency, Obama has created a level of incompetence and cultural cancer, which has permitted throughout every level of government. Naturally, the lame street media doesn’t mention this story. If they did, they would find VA funding has increased 33.5 percent since 2009, yet wait times at the VA have increased since McDonald took over. It’s the federal government way, more money with no results. Unfortunately for our veterans, they are nothing more than a speech or a photo op for Obama. VA wait times continue to get worse.

McDonald should be fired for his incentive comments! Obama owes our veterans a sincere apology for hiring such an incompetent. Obama owes our veterans another apology for promising wait times and medical services at the VA would improve, but never following through with his promises.

Pete Hill, O’Fallon