Letters to the Editor

05-30-16 Sound-Off: What’s the big deal with showing you ID to vote?

Our readers react to the week’s news:

Show your ID

There is so much controversy over voters showing IDs at the polls, in order to cut down on voter fraud. Yet these very same people think nothing of showing IDs to get Medicaid, food stamps, LINC, whatever it takes to get whatever they need, all on the taxpayers back. The biggest argument against voter ID being that it discriminates against the poor, the elderly, and the disabled. Ironically, the biggest protesters are black or sympathizers thereof. They don’t want to take responsibility for doing the right thing. But don’t have a problem with doing whatever they want to get things for free.

Not from Illinois

After reading the editorial about the downfall of Illinois coal, I was stuck on the last paragraph. Funny, how a guy from Illinois hates coal, has made rule healthcare harder to obtain, and doesn’t want a major defense installation on this side of the river. That guy isn’t from Illinois, he is from Chicago. It is a completely different state, they don’t recognize the rest of Illinois, especially southern Illinois. And we don’t recognize them. I know it’s too late, but it’s too bad the state line wasn’t drawn 50 miles south from where it is now. 90 percent of Illinois would be much better off.


Congratulations to Chief Nick Galius of Fairview Heights and all members of the major case squad for being so helpful on the recent killing in Fairview Heights. What a shame that we have to call in the major case squad so often.


If you had said some of the things that Trump said, your momma would have spanked you and sent you to bed.

Why pay overtime?

Why should the police officers be paid overtime that private security can do for a lot less. This give the police less time to shake down the fast food for free and deep discounts, and do their jobs cruising the streets seeing all the violations.

Bob Romanik

The city of Belleville is going downhill. The mayor is a joke, the County Board Chairman is a joke and most of the politicians in St. Clair County are a joke. When will people wake up and find out that Belleville is going downhill fast. The reactors are worried about the power and money and their people. Thank God for Bob Romanik.


As a female and a person who identifies as female, I am offended by the words mail truck. It’s a double male slam to women as mostly men drive trucks. If gender neutral terminology cannot be found, I propose using “post vehicle” — that reminds me of army post and I’m opposed to war, oh ouch, is that my tongue stuck in my cheek? I need my safe space and a coloring book.

Madigan’s nonsense

Tax soda, tax sweet tea, tax the miles you drive, tax cigarettes, tax beer, according to Mike Madigan will save the middle class in Illinois. Madigan and his Democratic followers who are not smart enough to think for themselves should all be voted out of office. Gov. Rauner is correct to dig in. This nonsense of Mike Madigan’s needs to stop.

Rep. Costello

Once again State Rep. Jerry Costello runs to a feel-good opportunity. Costello says the money in Illinois Road Fund should only be used for its stated purpose. Wow! Line item veto, balance budget, operate the state in a business format, stop voting for entitlement expansions, and get this state back in financial order. Mr. Costello speak up — tell Madigan you can’t follow his direction to financial destruction. Do your job — be a leader.

Hillary’s health

I know he is worth a lot of money, I don’t care about his taxesI think we are chasing a ghost and she has covered well for herself, but she is still guilty of crimes and many illicit activities in the past for which she has never been convicted.what kind of medicine she takes to keep herself stable after some kind of brain problem she had earlier. I want to know what kind of medicine she takes monthly.a serious one,

Collinsville name change

Collinsville has become so corrupt with the city council and our mayor, they should change their name from Collinsville to Corrupts Ville.

Not born yesterday

If anybody believes the dog and pony show put on by the CJ Baricevic campaign for Congress, in that the attorneys would not get any favorable consideration for their cases in court because they donated to Baricevic’s campaign. We weren’t born yesterday, Mr. Baricevic.


Laughing about the editorial page, “Could Bill Clinton be our Economy czar?” and then listening as Hillary brags about her husband balancing the budget with a surplus during his administration. Her boasting about him being a financial wizard, as she says, is pale because it was a Republican Congress that held Clinton’s feet to the fire and produced the balanced budget, not Clinton.


So Madigan wants progress. I’m sure the progress he wants to continue is the same progress that Sen. Clayborne, and the Clinton’s want to continue. That is the money progresses into their pockets.

Taxing your driveway

I live in St. Clair County and have been recently reassessed. Now the county is taxing you for your driveway which they haven’t done in the past. I hope everyone remembers to vote Republican in November.

Think ahead

On this transgender issue that Obama is forcing on people. What happens if a Catholic man is now a woman, wants to be a nun but he is denied schooling to become a nun. What will be the stand there in the courts? A man who says he’s a woman wants to play professional basketball, can’t make the men’s team, wants to try out for the women’s NBA team, and he is denied access to try. What will the liberal position be on that? What will the courts do? The Democrats never think ahead.

Remember the deceased

On Memorial Day, pause to remember our deceased military. And Belleville residents should be wondering why Mayor Eckert still refuses to make a public apology to the disabled veterans that he threw under the bus as an excuse to raise our taxes.

Doesn’t know

A letter from Mike Madigan, in the BND? I know Madigan does not know that Belleville is in Illinois. So he must be sending out cover letters to the papers in the state. Chicago Democrats don’t know there is a big land mass below Chicago, called Illinois. And they really don’t care, because Chicago has millions of socialist Democrat voters to keep them in power and rule the rest of the state


I’m tired of the Democrats running the county. Now Mr. Kerman wants to hire his road crew buddies, raising the taxes on St. Clair County again. If he needs that money, close the empty airport that is sucking money from us taxpayers, and use some of that money to hire one of his buddies to work on the road.