Letters to the Editor

Republicans’ extremists now control the party

Despite recent clamors for “party unity” it’s obvious the Republican Party we’ve known is toast. It’s been co-opted by a reactionary gang of misguided malcontents, led by their bully-in-chief. The Democratic nominee should win easily. C’mon, the ghost of Michael Dukakis’ could probably beat Trump in a landslide.

Contrary to Megan McArdle’s recent editorial spin, Republicans did bring this disaster onto themselves. For over a generation they’ve played to every crank and xenophobe, not only failing to disavow racist, frothy-mouthed, homophobic extremists, but embracing them. The cranks now have taken the reins. Facts have been ignored so long, by so many, they’ve created a vacuum of disinformation, a veritable “bubble” of extremism and fear. We see this tired nonsense in BND letters practically every day. Facts just don’t matter anymore.

Big money bought Republicans a majority in Congress that’s utterly failed the American people, but the cranks still blame “libruls” and “takers”, and have no ideals other than leaving behind scorched earth. Republican extremists are enabled by a lazy corporate media, more interested in “horse-races” and profit than the public good, or reporting the truth. Big media even helps foster the false equivocation of Hillary being as bad as Trump, a concept that’s flawed and dangerous.

Clinton might not be the first choice of progressives who may see her positions as “republican lite”, but it’s disingenuous to compare those shortcomings to the serial-lying, arrogant, thin-skinned, corrupt, xenophobic, amoral and paranoiac nominee of today’s Republicans.

See you in November.

Kevin J. Gagen, Belleville