Letters to the Editor

Climate misinformation

It never ends, the constant barrage of misinformation from the global warmongers. It was reported recently that this past April was the hottest April on record. That report was repeated on the national radio news at the top of each hour throughout the entire day. In the morning: April was the hottest. In the afternoon: April was the hottest. In the early evening: April was the hottest. It wasn’t until later that evening that the report changed.

It was finally reported that April was the hottest on record, but not in the northern hemisphere, where temperatures were actually below normal. April wasn’t even the hottest on record throughout most of the southern hemisphere, just in a few isolated places. While the climate change crowd dishonestly let deception rule the day. Every time such a report is released, there are scientists and climatologists screaming from the rooftops that the data is inaccurate and had been cherry-picked. But you never see those reports on the national news.

Sorry folks, but the climate changes every day. Mankind cannot cause it and most certainly cannot stop it. There is no real science behind any of this insanity. All the global warmongers have are computer projections, threats and name-calling. They can tell us what the temperature will be in July of 2033, but they cannot predict the temperature for this August when I want to go camping? Please!

Gerard Luebbers, Carlyle