Letters to the Editor

Speeders threaten all

I have a serious request and favor to ask the readers of the Belleville News-Democrat. We read every holiday how many law-enforcement agencies will be out making our highways safe. As a resident of Troy-O’Fallon Road, can someone please tell me how we, who live on this roadway in Madison County, can get some law-enforcement agency to actually control the speed, which is unbelievable.

I have many times seen vehicles and motorcycles pass by my home at 75 mph and beyond on a regular basis. When I call Madison County Sheriff’s Department, they tell me they don’t have enough cars. I called Illinois State Police, he told me they don’t have the manpower. Since we are outside the city limits, all of the maniacs who are in such a hurry to die drive as if there’s no speed limit at all, putting not only other motorists at risk, but even those of us simply trying to retrieve mail from our mailboxes!

Joe Willis, Troy