Letters to the Editor

Enough is enough

Promoting the general welfare, should only mean the government does things that enhance the lives of its citizens. The government should build and maintain infrastructure that supports population growth, business and self-improvement endeavors. It should not meddle in the affairs of all the citizens, or control every aspect of their lives, as is done in many socialist countries.

Do you like having your granddaughter being made to use the same dressing room as a teen boy? Not me! Time to stand up and say, enough is enough! We have a chance this November to start taking our country back. Are we together? Or do you want more government intrusion in your lives? There is nothing in the Constitution that gives a out of control POTUS. He evidently was miserable as a child, blames you, and wants you to be miserable also. I had a great childhood, and will be happy until my last breath. The dream of my father evidently was opposite Obama’s.

John Schrand, Belleville