Letters to the Editor

Obama’s attack on innocent children

I have called Barack Hussein Obama a renegade. I have called him incompetent. I have said he is a full-blown Muslim. I have recently called him a fool. I do not recant these statements.

The Obama administrations new policy requiring all schools to allow young students to shower with their transgender classmates, however, exposes the true scope and depth of Obama’s depravity.

The issues is as follows: a 13-year-old male junior high student who declares himself to be a girl must now be allowed full and unrestricted access to the girl’s shower room and dressing areas. For example, 13-year-old female soccer players are required to share shower facilities with a young male soccer teammate who says he is a female. Their male teammate is not required to substantiate his gender preference with a medical finding, a psychological report or a therapists report.

It is one thing to talk about adults sharing a public bathroom or changing room. It is quite different, and exceedingly more outrageous, to suggest nude male and female adolescent children should be compelled to mingle together in a school shower room.

I do not want my daughter confused by a mentally ill boy who claims to be a girl. I certainly don’t want my naked daughter placed on display before her male transgender classmates.

Obama’s attack upon innocent children reveals the true, profound evil which lurks within his heart. Furthermore, the evil designs and objectives within Obama’s spirit should disgust all right-thinking Americans.

Chris Tabing, Coulterville