Letters to the Editor

Hold them accountable

I have one question for the Illinois representatives who voted in favor of Speaker Madigan’s budget. Do you really care about the tax-paying constituents of this state? I have my doubts. Madigan’s idea of government is to tax and spend businesses and jobs out of the state. So who is left to pay for Madigan’s ever expanding “tax and spend” agenda? Why the taxpayers of course. We represent one of the few sources of income left the speaker can still tap and you can bet there will be a massive tax increase when this budget is finally resolved. However, the increase won’t come until after the November elections so Illinois taxpayers can breath a sigh of relief (attempt at sarcasm).

Illinois is not, and has not been for a long time, a state businesses look to for expansion. The truth is just the opposite. At least the governor is trying to break the political cycle created by the leadership in the General Assembly. To all voters of the state, please hold these representatives accountable and make them explain why Madigan’s budget was readily accepted.

Gary L. Cox, Belleville