Letters to the Editor

Facts and opinions

Opinion: The Climate is changing

Fact: of course it is, the earth cools and warms; it always has and it always will.

Opinion: Man is causing the current changes by burning fossil fuels.

Fact: Maybe so, but warming and cooling happened many times long before man burned these fuels.

Opinion: We need to stop burning fossil fuels as soon as possible.

Fact: Government regulation and interference is causing REAL hardships to REAL people right now.

Fact: We are sitting on enough energy to fuel the world for 300 years.

Opinion: Had we spent as many billions on finding ways to burn coal more cleanly, rather than on the pie-in-the-sky options, we’d all be better off.

Germany ran its Wehrmacht on gasified coal. Years ago, we dredged and widened the Kaskaskia below Fayetteville because a gasification plant was supposed to be built. It never happened. Why?

I trust the government about as much as I trust Big Energy. But I am positive about one thing: If there is money to be made by hoaxing the world about climate change, there are hucksters out there who are ready and willing to make (steal) it.

I want a clean environment as much if not more than anyone else. But I also want good-paying jobs for hard-working Americans, such as our miners. Why bet on good future “green” jobs when we could have good jobs using the infrastructure we already have? Could it be greed-driven? Could it be political?

Larry R. Thoeming, Okawville