Letters to the Editor

Preserve Social Security

Once again Republican campaign rhetoric reeks with candidate’s assertions that Social Security is a Ponzi-scheme, bankrupt, flawed, unreliable. They’d turn it over to Wall Street capitalists, impose draconian benefit cuts and eligibility limits; or even, abolish it completely. Before Social Security, the largest population of poor and vulnerable people were the elderly, and their leading causes of death were directly tied to poverty. Social Security has been a lifeline through the decades and, along with Medicare, has improved life for millions of our citizens. It must be preserved and strengthened.

Of course, conservatives hate the very idea of Social Security … that its trillions aren’t available for speculation by capitalists ... And that word, “social” is toxic in the Republican lexicon. However, Social Security functions well, despite recurrent conservative attempts to undermine and destroy it. Social Security does need reforms to secure its future, but the program could be made solvent forever by simply adjusting/removing the income cap. Today, a taxpayer earning $110,000 pays the same amount as one making $1-million, or even $1-billion! That’s upside down and insane ... but Congressional Republicans won’t allow changes to fix it. They’d prefer undermining or ignoring Social Security until it implodes.

Our middle class and retirees need to rise up and demand positive reforms to preserve Social Security. Anyone in government who’d roll back the clock and steal Social Security from the people of this nation should be voted out, period.

Kevin J. Gagen, Belleville