Letters to the Editor


A visual illustration of the law of karma I saw on the Internet, showed a man sitting in the perimeter of a broken circle of oversized domino structures. An arrow indicates that as he kicks down the domino he is facing, the falling action of the circled structures results in the domino behind him falling on him. Karma completed.

Well, the action of the sexual misconduct domino of President Bill Clinton that Ken Starr kept kicking over back in the ‘90s has finally resulted in the Baylor University sexual misconduct domino falling down on Mr. Starr.

Is there irony in a Buddhist law causing a Christian university to fire Mr. Starr as president? While they retained him as chancellor, they did relieve him of any operational responsibilities. Soft landing. There is more irony in a New York Times article on Mr. Starr that discusses him singing the praises of Bill Clinton. Time mellows us all.

Ray Hollmann, Fairview Heights