Letters to the Editor

‘Fishy’ circumstances

Donald Trump recently stated that the circumstances of Vince Foster’s death were very “fishy”. Indeed the forensic evidence clearly indicates that Foster was murdered elsewhere and then moved to the Ft. Marcy Park site next to an old cannon to stage a suicide. People such as investigative journalist Christopher Ruddy and Clinton insider Larry Nichols have given dozens of reasons why the final independent investigation (by Kenneth Starr) should be considered no more than a sham.

On July 7, 1993, Leo Wanta, an intelligence operative used in the Reagan administration to destabilize the Russian economy by his participation in Operation Stillpoint, was sent by FBI director William Sessions with a warrant to arrest Marc Rich for tax evasion. Upon his arrival in Switzerland, Wanta was arrested and sent to prison for tax evasion (by State of Wisconsin) although he never earned money in Wisconsin. Wanta was also to have met Vince Foster to deliver securities with a value of $250 million to Foster for Hillary Clinton’s “Children’s Defense Fund”. Although Wanta wasn’t able to deliver the $250 million, Foster obtained the funds, and the money was delivered to the CDF, which Swiss crime investigators believe was Hillary’s personal “slush fund”.

On July 19, 1993, FBI Director Sessions was fired, and then a day later on July 20, Foster was dead. Several of Wanta’s business associates were murdered shortly afterward, and several attempts have been made to murder Wanta. Very “fishy” indeed.

Thomas Fohne, Columbia