Letters to the Editor

Another letter on Belle Valley

Whenever a local politician or a person in a position of public trust operates well below acceptable standards, that person’s behavior should be exposed. Hopefully such exposure would result in the offender acknowledging his or her misdeeds and expressing remorse by either pledging to clean up their act or resigning.

Therefore, on May 19, I sent Belle Valley School Board President Karen Kunz the following letter which reads in part:

“I believe that your past actions and conduct demonstrates that you are intellectually and morally unfit to serve. I also believe that the newer board members need to be made aware of your past antics. Therefore I am requesting 10 minutes to address the board at the next monthly meeting in which you will be in attendance to summarize as to why you have forfeited your right to serve and should resign.”

School Superintendent L. Obernuefemann sent me a letter in bold print denying my request and demanding that I “immediately cease and desist from harassing, intimidating ...” His reply reinforces my strong belief that he is far from being an educator. No educator would ever condone and fiercely defend unacceptable behavior.

At the April meeting I attempted to express a concern, and Karen Kunz cut me off. I responded by saying, “I will just have to write another letter.” She replied, “Please do.” I will accommodate her with a series of letters detailing my concerns.

Ted Farmer, Belleville