Letters to the Editor

Alert, responsive officers

I live by East End Park here in Belleville. The other day I decided to get supper ready before my wife came home from work. I cooked some hamburgers on top of the stove. My cooking — as I should have expected — filled the house with smoke.

Knowing it is early into the summer, I knew I could get by with opening the front and back doors of the house without much worry of bugs entering the house and do away with the smoke. I had both front and back doors open and no cars in the driveway, within a few minutes a responsive Belleville police officer driving by was on my front porch inquiring about the strange configuration of the house.

It is reassuring to know that the residents of Belleville are served by alert, responsive officers, like the one that checked on my house. I could not have been more impressed.

Marc Satterfield, Belleville