Letters to the Editor

Illinois leaders worked together on NGA effort

It’s disappointing that the folks at NGA did not choose to relocate next to Scott Air Force Base here in Illinois. But the finger-pointing some people have engaged in since is ridiculous.

The Illinois bid for the NGA was one of those rare times of true bipartisanship. Senators Durbin and Kirk, Congressmen Bost, Shimkus and Davis, Gov. Rauner and the County Chairman Kern all fought for our bid, then they worked to extend the comment period and meet with the NGA Director to make one more pitch.

That’s a group of people that probably aren’t going out for dinner and drinks. But they were working together because it’s the best thing for Illinois.

A recent letter writer attacked Sen. Durbin, but the decision is not the fault of one elected official, regardless of which one you pick.

The truth can be hard to accept, but sometimes, honest efforts fall short.

Barbara Brumfield, Fairview Heights