Letters to the Editor

Presidents by the numbers

As I stated before, conservatives are poor at math when the numbers are unfavorable to their ideology. Such is the case with Roddy Riggs’ rebuttal to my letter, which extolled the virtues of better economies under Democratic presidents. I realize no matter what facts or figures are presented, most conservatives won’t get it anyway.

The point of my letter was about the best economies under presidents, but the Riggster went off on other issues to rebut my letter. I invite readers to do your own research. Google, “History of the best U. S. economies” or “The best economies by President.”

Here are a few more figures to upset Mr. Riggs: GDP growth rate was 4.33 percent under Democratic presidents and 2.54 percent under Republicans; the S&P 500 increased 8.35 percent for Democrats and 2.7 percent for Republicans; 41 of the last 49 quarters of recessions were under Republican presidents; over the last 29 years when Republicans held the presidency the DOW increased 166 percent. When Democrats held the office it increased 1,894 percent.

The Dow Jones Index increased from 3,255 to 11,500 for President Clinton. It decreased from 11,500 down to 7,949 for President George W. Bush. It increased from 7,949 to about 17,800 for President Obama, as of this writing. These are the facts.

If Donald Trump, somehow, wins the election, I caution everyone to get out of the market and go to secure investments. I know I will.

Gene Robke, Carlyle