Letters to the Editor

Do some research

Gerald Luebbers’ letter of June 26 was great. It clearly shows the depth of misunderstanding about climate change. Fortunately, the effects locally or even nationally have not made it easy to see here yet. His temperature comparisons are irrelevant.

The areas most affected so far by the huge amounts of pollution have happened at or near the poles. The increases quoted by scientists are in Celsius and measure the total change world wide. There is an ongoing and increasing change which so far has melted the glacier that covers Greenland by 30 percent. The radiation at the South Pole has caused some to have an increase in bodily radiation so severe as to kill. Some scientists have had to abandon research. The result of the ice melt has caused some smaller islands in the South Pacific to be submerged, their people have fled. There are more shark attacks in northern waters and the polar bears are dying of starvation and are drowning trying to swim to find food.

Please understand that even only a 3 degree change in temperature at the Arctic Circle would cause flooding from New York to Florida. New York is building a flood wall bigger than New Orleans, but we will still lose 200 miles of coastline eventually. You can see the effects on the Pacific by the drought in California and on Texas in the Gulf of Mexico. All of this can be seen in National Geographic Magazine. Go to the library and do some research.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville