Letters to the Editor

Atheism and science

John Simon recently had a letter in his column connecting atheism and science. The gist of John’s letter was that science is basically an atheistic enterprise. He correctly states that scientific investigation excludes the supernatural and hence excludes God. Science does indeed exclude the supernatural because science by its nature involves itself only with natural processes. The supernatural obviously does not conform to natural laws and cannot possibly be studied in any orderly scientific way.

John denies evolution without considering the big picture. On the grand scale, science deals with cosmic evolution that involves biological, particular, stellar, chemical, geologic, to mention only some evolutionary processes. Evolution is simply change over time and it can be tested, crosschecked, correlated and verified across numerous scientific disciplines. It has been well understood for over 150 years that evolution happens. Despite this, some religious groups, mainly fundamentalist Christian and Muslim, reject evolution because of a literalist interpretation of Scripture. These groups have sponsored “creation scientists” in an effort to lend credence to their anti-science beliefs. These people have never been able to present an alternative hypothesis to evolution that can stand up to scrutiny.

Evolution is accepted by major Christian churches, including Catholic, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Episcopal Church USA, and other mainline denominations. Christian universities throughout the world research and teach evolution routinely. Evolution can hardly be called atheistic.

Perhaps John might consider the official position of many Christian churches: God created everything and did so using the process of evolution.

Paul Neff, O’Fallon