Letters to the Editor

BND needs to be truthful about taxes, debt

The amount of deception and misinformation spewed by the editors of the Belleville News-Democrat regarding the individual income tax in Illinois is disgusting. They co-mingle all types of taxes (real estate and state income) as to confuse and convince the public that all taxation is too high.

This has not always been the case. I can remember a time when the BND editorialized that the state should target wasteful spending, consolidate units of government and couple these cuts with an increase in the state income tax. One would think that a responsible “newspaper” would inform its readers with the truth: that Illinois needs additional revenue, and that it is impossible to meet the needs and obligations of this state without an increase in the state income tax. It also needs to be truthful about the Rauner’s “Turn Around Agenda.” It is not the panacea for all that ails Illinois. By Rauner’s own estimates it would only bring in $1.4 billion in a budget that is 5-7 billion out of balance, not counting the 10-12 billion owed to vendors, and the 110 billion in pension debt.

This debt does not belong to either the Republicans or the Democrats. It is a debt that we the citizens of Illinois accrued by electing state politicians, who promised services, while not raising our taxes. Essentially, they used a “charge card” on our behalf, and now we don’t want to pay the bill.

Mark St. Ivany, Belleville