Letters to the Editor

Late agenda

During the councilman comments portion of the May 23rd Collinsville City Council meeting, Councilman Jeff Kypta and Nancy Moss both voiced concern that the agenda was late getting out since it was released after 4 p.m. on a Friday.

Nancy Moss and Jeff Kypta were correct in that citizens want to know what is going to be on the agenda so that they can be informed, however John Millers response to the agenda besides that it was out on time according to the 48 hour notice law was:

“It takes time for staff to put all of this together, and along with City Clerk trying to facilitate FOIA requests in numbers that are unsubstantiated, I mean very many, we have had more FOIA requests in this past year than we have had in several years combined in the past.”

John doesn’t understand that is an indictment against himself and his two cronies Cheryl Brombolich and Jeff Stehman.

There is a direct correlation between open and honest government, and the number of FOIA requests received. High FOIA requests mean information has to be pried out since it isn’t being provided willingly.

Rob Dorman, Collinsville