Letters to the Editor

Pothole design

While traveling the highways and byways of this Midwestern State, I have to commend IDOT for some of the most innovative road designs that I had the occasion to witness. IDOT has brought the design of potholes to an all new level of educated incompetence.

Highway 159 is a good example of pothole design. It would appear that some expertise is required to align a street or roadway with such skill as to hit almost every pothole. It also appears an effort was made not to fill the potholes with cold mix asphalt, and to assure maximum damage to your cars wheel alignment.

In other observations, it would appear that safety is not high on the list of requirements. The barrel barricades provided have yellow warning lights on top, but most are not working or blinking. The temporary stop signs are placed on unlit barricades in hard to see locations.

In some places these lapses in design, inspection and safety are taken seriously, I fear this is not one of those places.

But, not to worry, as that is what insurance is for. It is also beneficial to repair shops.

Lew Hiatt, Belleville