Letters to the Editor

Not a good salesman

I sure hope Mr. Gagen is not in the sales business because he’s a lousy salesman for his liberal cause. Rather than try and convince voters to support Hillary Clinton, he resorts to invective and name-calling against opposing letter writers.

Mr. Gagen, President Obama is the reason Donald Trump is so popular. Mr. Trump was not my choice for our candidate, but I understand why millions are just fed up with seeing generous benefits being given to illegal aliens, no pay raises in eight years for our middle class workers and frustration with weakening our 2nd Amendment rights and further government restrictions on our lives. We are losing to China and Mexico. Just recently the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) took a pro-golf tournament away from Miami and gave it to dangerous and smoggy Mexico City. I know that, I’ve been there four times. We are losing manufacturing jobs to cheaper and I might add, far less regulated Mexico.

Please let us know what makes Hillary Clinton such a great choice for president. Is it the Whitewater land fraud case; bimbo eruptions; cattle futures; Travel gate, lying about the cause of the Benghazi attack or that Libya and Syria are now better than before her tenure as the Secretary of State? Finally, it’s your Administration that awarded the new NGA site to St. Louis and not St. Clair County.

Phil Henning, Smithton