Letters to the Editor

Do it for the right reasons

Boeing was successful in overturning a bad decision based on flawed analysis and information in the competition with Airbus over jet tanker aircraft by appealing to the GAO. The GAO canceled the Airbus selection that, like the NGA decision, was based on incorrect information and flawed analysis. Urban renewal was never in the listed criteria the Corps or NGA was supposed to employ, let alone the errors made by the Corps in site comparison.

If the North St. Louis site deserves the infusion of federal stimulus, then another project should be developed to target that need. The fed’s have thus pitted Missouri vs. Illinois when in fact our region deserves both targeted federal funds for urban renewal and the best for national security NGA site at Scott AFB in Illinois.

Insist on both projects. Don’t let the fed’s sell us short by setting up a fight over one project.

We are already taxing ourselves at the local level for refurbishing a national park (Arch project) which is the only instance in the country where the fed’s are not paying the entire bill. Our elected officials need to do a much better job bringing federal dollars to both sides of the river.

This is a great place to start, but let’s do so for the right reasons based on fact and objective criteria. Let’s hope the GAO does it’s job and overturns a bad decision.

Gary Guthrie, Belleville